Information on low cost housing

On the about low cost housing page, the write up should be replace with “About 30% of Indians live below the poverty line and therefore do not have access to a ‘pukka’ house. Our vision is simply to provide a solid roof over every Indian. This can be done easily with the construction of low cost houses across the nation. thinks towards inclusive growth, and aims to do so by the construction of low cost housing homes.

What is a Low Cost Home? Simply said, it’s an affordable home, which is fit for occupancy. It is made affordable because the per foot square construction cost will fit into the budget of the individual making it. There is no definite budget as it varies from person to person and segment to segment. Low Cost Housing is a solution, which standardizes home design and legal requirements, increases construction speed, reduces the labour costs and utilizes local, low cost and low maintenance construction materials to help reduce the construction costs. Ideas, which optimize conceptualization, design, manufacturing and supply, will boost the growth of low cost homes in our nation.

Since the need for such solutions is at an all time high, we have created this platform for donors, manufacturers, distributors, financial institutions, NGOs, corporates to be able to connect with the individual to provide them streamlined solutions. The growth of low cost homes is on the rise and our vision is to fuel this further.