About Us

“Shelter is one of humanity’s most basic needs.”

More than 2 out of every 5 Indians are below the poverty line. They are either homeless or live in ‘kaccha’ homes. How do we expect a nation to prosper if its citizens don’t have access to the most basic need of a human being – a home. The need of a good quality, rapid, sustainable and affordable mass housing.

With this in mind, we launched 1ghar.org – an online initiative that connects those who want to build their first home with all the information & resources they need.

1ghar.org is a non-profit organization with a vision to provide a home to every Indian.

“Our vision, mission, goal is to see an adequate and affordable house for every Indian. 1ghar.org looks into inclusive growth, and strives towards improving the lives of the poor in India.

We connect you with low cost

  • Information – All you need to know about low cost housing
  • Suppliers – Connects you with the low cost products
  • Finance – Low cost funding options
  • Designs – Showcases some standard low cost housing designs

To make a low cost home, you will need access to the following three elements:

  • Standard Design
  • Low Cost Building Material
  • Quick Construction

Our Team

Abhinav Kajaria
Abhinav Kajaria, is a student of the Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai, India. He is a star performer and has a keen interest for social service. Besides being an accomplished chess player, he takes keen interest in the family business of building materials. Working in his father’s building material business, he saw the opportunity of using waste construction materials to help the poor and backward in building low cost housing. Realizing that there may be similar contributors for this cause, he along with his team, founded this website and its purpose

Archana Biyani
Archana biyani, a graduate from the Birla Public school in Rajasthan, is the spouse of Sunil Biyani, promoter of HomeTown (future groups). She has a keen interest in the social and economic upliftment of the poor and aims provide better living conditions for them. She intends to provide low cost housing for the poor, as a part of this team.

Avantika Kajaria
Avantika Kajaria is a sophomore at the Stern New York University. She has closely worked with villagers of Hascachipatti, building houses & schools for them as part of a village project. She is a strong believer in empowerment, which inspires her to help provide low cost housing. Along with her brother, Abhinav Kajaria, she is a key and essential member of this team.

Amit Dalmia
An alumnus of the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, Amit Dalmia is the Founder and Managing Director of bedbathmore.com and Viaton Energy. He is also a key trustee of the Shree Devidutt Mohanlal Dalmia Charitable trust, which funds the construction of schools, educational institutes and other charitable schemes, and a major donor to government aided Red Cross hospitals in rural North India.