We, at the Nilkamal industries, are delighted to be involved in supporting www.1ghar.org. We stand firm behind the concept of low cost housing for the Indian masses. It is unfortunate that homelessness is so prevalent in our country and our group is determined to support this initiative. We look forward to working with this enthusiastic team in the years to come.


60% of the people in India remain homeless and jobless. We extend our full support to www.1ghar.org and laud their efforts and vision in eradicating our country of this menace. A one stop solution for everything that is low cost housing related is an idea whose time has come. We will always stand by their side as a source of construction material supply.

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Bedbathmore.com is proud to partner with www.1ghar.org & 1toilet in order to provide low cost housing & bathroom solutions to the Indian masses. The vision and confidence of the founding team is reassuring. Since, we share a common vision and we will remain their supply partner in the foreseeable future.


Kajaria Pipe is proud to be a sponsor of 1toilet. To become a one stop shop for everything that is low cost housing related is truly visionary. This project has huge scope to improve the lives of millions of people across our country. The founding team is truly confident of their idea and we are sure that this concept will gather momentum.

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"We at the Habitat for Humanity appreciate the efforts and approaches made by www.1ghar.org & 1toilet, comprising of an enthusiastic group of youngsters headed by Abhinav Kajaria, towards providing low cost housing. Their efforts to provide us with essential housing construction materials and obtaining microfinance for building low cost housing, through www.1ghar.org is a novel and unique concept. This organization connects those looking for affordable homes on one end and corporates and individuals to meet their social responsibility on the other end. Their vision of providing low cost homes & toilets is similar to our ideals and as such we look forward towards any assistance they can provide through low cost building materials, microfinance and grants and donations. We are sure that this group of people will be a great asset to improving living conditions of the homeless in India."

Habitat for Humanity