Is this website for me?

You own a small piece of land.

You want to build your family a basic home.

You do not have sufficient money to complete the project.

You don’t know how to build a low cost home.

If you answered Yes to one or more of these questions, 1ghar is the right website for you.

We will help you connect with money, resources and information towards building your low cost home.

Why should you own a home?

  1. To secure the future of your children.
  2. Economic stability and security for loans.
  3. Elevation in society and better social life.
  4. Provides stable environment to concentrate on your occupation
  5. Safety from environmental dangers.
  6. Improvement in health and hygiene conditions

How can you participate?

For Individuals: gives the chance for any individual to sponsor a low cost house built to help the poor. The website helps such individuals to donate directly to the beneficiaries. Individuals can see their funds being channelized in the right direction for the right cause.

For corporates:
We would like to invite corporates to join the partner program offered by By doing so, you can easily fulfill your corporate social responsibilities which is now required by the Companies Act.

It will help companies dealing in buildings products to liquidate slow moving items and waste materials and also improve their public relations.